TK Audio TC1  - Transceiver 500 series - used

TK Audio TC1 - Transceiver 500 series - used

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The TK Audio TC1 is a transformerless 500 Series module that converts balanced +4dBu signals to unbalanced and back again. It can be used to insert unbalanced gear such as guitar pedals and older effects into DAWs or consoles, or as a “Swiss Army knife” on stage to hook up balanced gear between instruments and amps. It also functions perfectly as an active DI box with up to 26dB of gain, or as a re-amplifying tool. By converting the signal without the use of a transformer, it produces a true sound without any additional color.



    • Insert Station: Insert your balanced gear, such as guitar pedals and old echo fx, into your DAW or console
    • Active DI-box (up to 26dB of gain): Plug your favorite instrument into your collection of vintage gear via the TC1
    • Reamp Tool
    • Multi-tool on Stage: Hook up balanced gear on stage between your instrument and amp
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